How to lower cholesterol

how to lower cholesterol

Nowadays we hear very often about the negative effects of elevated cholesterol. There are many preparations and products available on the market to lower its concentration. So is cholesterol notorious and how does its level affect our body?

What is cholesterol ?

Cholesterol is nothing but fats that circulate in the blood, namely phospholipids and triglycerides. These fats are very necessary for proper functioning , as they affect the construction of cell walls.

The danger of raising cholesterol levels begins when the concentration of these fats begins to rise, taking the form of atherosclerotic plaques that begin to block blood flow.

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This process can play a role in causing coronary heart disease and even heart attack. In the blood, cholesterol is carried in combination with proteins, i.e. in the form of lipoproteins, which we can divide according to the type of protein into those of low density (LDL) and those of high density (HDL).

The possibility of myocardial infarction is when LDL and total cholesterol concentrations are very high, and when HDL concentrations are low.

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How to lower cholesterol

What affects cholesterol levels

In many cases, the responsibility for blood cholesterol levels rests on diet and lifestyle. Nevertheless, scientists prove that elevated blood cholesterol levels are not caused solely by a poor diet.

Cholesterol-rich foods are absorbed into the blood in small amounts, while the amount of cholesterol depends on how much fat is produced by the body. Nevertheless, it is important to know that the consumption of saturated fats has the effect of stimulating the body to produce cholesterol. Negative factors affecting its increase include excessive weight, nicotine, lack of exercise, as well as predisposition contained in genes.

What helps lower cholesterol​​​​

To lower the level of bad cholesterol in the blood, we can support our bodies with natural preparations such as the garlic I mentioned above and vitamin C and E.

  1. Garlic reduces cholesterol and can be taken for a long period of time due to its safe in action properties.
  2. Receiving vitamin E  does not have a direct effect on lowering cholesterol levels, but it does have an effect on raising HDL levels by inhibiting the formation of atherosclerotic plaques at an early stage.
  3. Taking vitamin C, in turn, has the effect of enhancing the effects of vitamin E.
  4. Taking chromium also has a positive effect, which, by interacting with ingested food, lowers bad cholesterol and raises good cholesterol.
  5. Exercise should not be forgotten either. During exercise, there is an increase in HDL levels, which is why movement is so important.

High cholesterol - what diet to follow

What not to eat on a cholesterol diet

People who need to watch their cholesterol levels in the body should absolutely lay off all fatty foods. This applies especially to fatty meats and cold cuts. It is also inadvisable to eat sausages, offal and salami sausage. A diet for cholesterol should include lean meat and cold cuts, especially those made from poultry.

And what is worth eating ?

It is also good for your health if you eat fish, mainly mackerel, salmon and tuna, as they contain Omega 3 fatty acids, which help protect against heart attacks and heart disease.High cholesterol diet - From time to time you can allow yourself to eat an egg, but not more often than one per week.

diet for high cholesterol

Cholesterol diet - for those controlling cholesterol levels should primarily all be rich in fruits and vegetables. It is also good to introduce cereals to the menu, which are rich in dietary fiber, because it is responsible for lowering cholesterol.And what about protein ?Any dairy products should be chosen so that they have as little fat as possible, and instead of light bread, rather switch to the dark one. Diet for cholesterol should not include any sweets, ice cream and desserts, but also so-called fast foods are the worst enemy. Their consumption almost immediately raises cholesterol levels in much higher amounts than other products.

High cholesterol diet - only adherence to such rules, guarantees to keep cholesterol at normal levels. You should also familiarize yourself with supplements that will help in the fight against high cholesterol - cholesterol-lowering herbs.

How else can I lower my cholesterol

Fortunately, in our time, lowering cholesterol is not a very complicated matter. There are many methods of lowering bad cholesterol, they include the following. physical activity. Exercises should start with simple ones, such as short walks, and then lengthen them. Also add more exercises one by one, starting with swimming in the pool, cycling, running and ending with aerobics.For many people, physical activity and the Cholesterol Diet is the only way to cope with this condition, as they cannot take medication due to the condition of their liver.

As for diet, it is worth excluding fatty meats from the diet, limit the intake of animal fats as much as possible. If we need to act quickly, it is worth switching to a vegetarian diet for a while.

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