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DietFactor price

DietFactor is one of the newer offerings on the market of weight loss products. The supplement is distinguished by its natural composition and very fast action, because, according to the manufacturer, you can lose several pounds in just one month. How exactly does such a treatment work?

Diet Factor is being withdrawn from the market by the manufacturer and replaced by a new improved product called Night Mega Burner - check out the latest promotions

More than half of adults are overweight. Obesity is also increasingly affecting young people, to even children and teenagers. And overweight is not only an aesthetic problem, but, above all, a health problem, so with the excess pounds it is worth taking up the fight as soon as possible in this DietFactor will help you.

What is DietFactor ?

DietFactor tablets

Effective ways to lose excess weight have been sought for years, and it is still a big problem for millions of people around the world. Being overweight can be genetic or result from certain diseases, but usually it is a consequence of a not very healthy lifestyle. To gain weight is easy, to lose weight is not necessarily so. However, the manufacturer of DietFactor assures that its capsules give sensational results in just 28 days.


During a month-long treatment you can lose a lot of weight, on top of that you lower your sugar and cholesterol levels, and when the supplementation is not over, there is no yo-yo effect, which nullifies all the effort made during the diet. Anyway, DietFactor does not require any additional measures - you do not need to starve yourself or exercise a lot. How is this possible? The whole secret is in the well-designed formula.

Where does being overweight come from?

Being overweight has a variety of causes, but it almost always boils down to one thing - a disturbed metabolism. When you fail to lose weight despite numerous attempts, it is most likely that your metabolism is failing, your body is working too slowly and instead of using calories for energy, it deposits them in fat cells. With a disturbed metabolism, simply restricting calories is not enough, you still need to take care to stimulate natural processes and increase fat burning.

This is the principle on which Dietfactor works Its unique formula takes care of fat burning more efficiently than before. The greatest emphasis is placed on maintaining the desired balance between lipogenesis and lipolysis, as the final success of the weight loss treatment largely depends on them.

DietFactor composition 

What Ingredients DietFactor Contains Is it Natural

The most potent weight-loss substances currently known were used in the production. They are in optimal doses for the body and combined in such a way that they reinforce each other's slimming effects. The formula is safe for health, there is nothing toxic in it, so DietFactor can be used by any adult.

Each ingredient of the supplement is of natural origin, thoroughly tested. The full composition of DietFactor can be checked on the manufacturer's website, along with a description of safe dosage and possible contraindications for health reasons.

  • Paraguayan thistle - Has a purifying and strengthening effect. Improves digestive function and reduces cellular absorption of fats. Regulates cholesterol levels. Accelerates the fat burning process.
  • Green tea with egcg - Inhibits fat absorption and accelerates fat oxidation. Improves digestion. Enhances the process of thermogenesis responsible for burning fat.
  • Cinnamon - Supports the digestive system and cranks up metabolism. Regulates sugar levels so there are no sudden hunger attacks. Prolongs the feeling of satiety after a meal. Forces the body to reach for energy reserves accumulated in fat tissue.
  • Caffeine - A natural energy burner that makes it easy to get rid of excess body fat. It improves the transport of fatty acids to the mitochondria, where they are converted into energy, so faster calorie burning is not associated with physical weakness. The ingredient also improves brain function, increases concentration, reduces stress levels
  • Rhodiola rosea extract - A plant with medicinal properties, with a very rich composition. Reduces cortisol levels, and it is this "stress hormone" that very often makes it difficult to lose excess weight. Increases the body's immunity, regulates the digestive system. Protects the heart and cardiovascular system, removes toxins from the body, increases physical performance. A very powerful antioxidant.

How to take DietFactor tablets ?

One tablet is taken each day. The tablet for the day should be taken during breakfast, never on an empty stomach, because then the ingredients can harm you. Dosages must not be increased, even when the desired effects are not seen.

Are DietFactor pills safe for health?

Only adults can reach for the pills, so it is not a supplement suitable for teenage girls struggling with excess weight. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are also unlikely to reach for this supplement, unless they consult their doctor about taking it.

for weight loss DietFactor

Tablets should not be taken by people who are allergic to one of the ingredients, as well as those who suffer from stomach, kidney or liver disease. Also contraindicated for supplementation is too high or too low blood pressure and diabetes. Supplementation should be avoided when taking heart or anticoagulant medications.

Effect of DietFactor 

How does DietFactor work ? What is its effectiveness ?

According to the manufacturer, DietFactor changes the way the body burns fat. To be more precise, it strongly accelerates this process, so that excess weight is quickly reduced, even if there is no change in the composition of daily meals. DietFactor improves metabolism and prevents excess calories from being deposited in fat tissue again.

The active substances work around the clock, so you need to keep an eye on subsequent doses so that this process does not stop. Fat burning occurs several times faster than before, and this is also possible because DietFactor cleanses the body of toxins and deposits that inhibit metabolism and are one of the main causes of increasing excess weight.

Overweight and obesity is one of the main problems of modern civilization. How to get rid of unwanted pounds? Those who do not have time for grueling workouts and a diet that requires a lot of self-discipline, can try treatment with Dietfactor supplement. It was created for people who have tried unsuccessfully to slim down or are just beginning their struggle with excess weight.

DietFactor forum reviews

The manufacturer points out that it is not necessary to change eating habits, but during the treatment they occur on their own. This is because DietFactor reduces cravings, so meals satisfy hunger faster and there is no need to snack during the day - the calorie supply simply decreases.

Effects of DietFactor :

  • faster metabolism
  • anymore energy
  •  reduced appetite
  •  no yoyo effect

DietFactor reviews

User reviews and comments about DietFactor tablets 

DietFactor has already received many positive reviews. Customers confirm that they lose weight very quickly without any effort, and that during the treatment the typical weakness and decline in mood that comes with dieting does not occur. Negative comments are rarely made, and if there are any, they are mainly about the price or the fact that it was not possible to lose all the pounds in just one month of use. The product has various reviews are positive as well as negative, below are some found on a health forum

I recommend it, the supplement works. I realize that in advertising the description of the supplement is always tweaked, and in real life it will not be such a magical concoction, but still, I did not expect this. I ended up taking the pills, exactly as written in the leaflet, and that's it, the weight decreased significantly. The supplement has its pluses, there are some nice ingredients in it. It is not simply a supplement, but a great cooling formula

Although I do not have some great problem with excess weight, but these few pounds somehow I can not get rid of. When a weight loss supplement appeared, I was immediately interested in it, and despite the rather high price, I decided to take a chance. Was it worth it? Of course it was. I feel a little better, I have a little more energy, but the weight has not changed basically anything.

I was fat since elementary school. I tried various things to lose weight, but neither the gym nor any miracle diet helped. I didn't really believe in the effectiveness of Dietfactor, but I was encouraged by the reviews of others. I lost a dozen pounds in one month and managed to maintain my new weight until now without any effort.

Weight loss in a natural way is always the best. Three factors are responsible for success:

  1. A healthy, light diet that provides essential nutrients
  2. regular physical activity
  3. Dietary supplements based on safe, natural ingredients

Dietfactoro supplement which the manufacturer claims helps get rid of excess weight. It works gently, but is supposed to produce visible results, and importantly, it effectively protects against the yo-yo effect that usually occurs after the end of a very restrictive diet, but does it really work? 

Dietfactor can be taken regardless of gender. This supplement is not recommended for minors, while there is no obstacle to switch to the treatment at an advanced age, unless your doctor absolutely prohibits the use of any additional preparations for weight loss.

DietFactor Price

DietFactor price

Where can you buy DietFactor ?

Only on the Internet, on the manufacturer's website. So far, the manufacturer has not decided to introduce DietFactor in pharmacies or drugstores, probably because it would raise the price of the product a lot.

Editor's Opinion

Is it worth buying DietFactor ? 

Based on customer statements, it is hard to conclude that this is a product that does its job. Those customers who give positive feedback, DietFactor rather take into account the valuable composition providing vitamins and micronutrients, rather than the fact that you can lose weight with it. DietFactor's weight-loss properties are mostly positive, so those wishing to weigh less should think seriously about the method.

PriceCheck out Promotions
Composition Natural

How to use dietfactor ?

Product is enough to take once a day. Such a dose is enough to make the weight go down for good. However, each product is different, so before we start consuming any supplement we read manufacturer's leaflet, where you can find additional valuable information such as:

Does dietfactor cause side effects, is it safe

Numerous studies confirm that it is completely safe. This product does not cause any harm to health, and if used as recommended, we will not be bothered by any unpleasant ailments. Piperine is not allergenic, does not cause allergies, nausea or headaches. The treatment is completely harmless to health and can be combined with taking other supplements or medicines.

How does Dietfactor work ?

Problems with weight loss very often result from a slowed metabolism. Improving metabolism is one of the main conditions to be met if weight loss is to end with an ideal weight. The product does just that - it accelerates fat burning and prevents the calories consumed in meals from being deposited in fat tissue.
Dietfactor accelerates the rate of fat burning and, in addition, inhibits cravings, so you can eat smaller meals and do not reach for snacks between them - the weight will additionally fall precisely because of the reduction of absorbed calories, it can help any person who is struggling with excess weight for many years, because by slowed metabolism even this low-calorie diet does not give the expected results, it only leads to a constant feeling of hunger

When I see the first results

According to the manufacturer, during one month of taking Dietfactor pills you can lose up to 10 kilograms. The treatment ensures that there is no yo-yo effect, that is, the lost pounds will not return, the figure will remain slimmer. However, you need to take as directed, one tablet a day, without skipping any dose.

Where to Buy dietfactor ?

Dietfactor distributes its pills itself - you can't buy them at a pharmacy or popular online stores. The order is accepted after filling out an online form. A big advantage of this solution is that the manufacturer was able to reduce the price of its product - current prices and promotions for customers can be checked at any time by going to the official website.

Why use pills for weight loss

They are effective and pose no health risks. Unlike competing formulations, Dietfactor actually produces noticeable results, with weight steadily decreasing throughout the weight loss treatment. On top of that, it is relatively cheap, especially when you consider that it actually works.

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  1. For me, green barley has helped a lot in losing weight, it is worth using it regularly, so that the body will continuously cleanse itself of unnecessary deposits and pounds. This is ideal because green barley has a gentle effect, it does not strain the liver and digestive system, on the contrary - it supports them so that they can handle the metabolism on their own in the future. It has another great advantage: it provides many of the valuable nutrients found in green barley, so it is an ideal supplement to the daily diet. In addition, it cleanses the bile ducts and liver, the organs responsible for neutralizing toxins.It also deals with the elimination of free radicals, which are very dangerous to health and beauty. It is also a great natural 'afterburner', because during its use the body regains energy, the ability to concentrate returns, it is much easier to cope with stress. In addition, green barley provides vitamins, iron, calcium, magnesium, copper and potassium. as you can see there are some advantages to this 🙂

  2. Ehh, the truth about weight loss is that you can't lose weight unless your metabolism suddenly speeds up. The metabolism needs to be faster so that fat does not have time to be deposited in the tissues and, in addition, the old stockpiles can be burned off. The easiest way to achieve this is through proper nutrition and physical activity. It is worth bearing in mind that sports is very important in the whole weight loss, because it increases the production of hormones responsible for weight loss - without movement, the body also loses weight, but fat tissue does not turn into muscle, and may even increase over time.

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